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Searching For a Construction Company in London?

Building Company Limited is a small company set up in October 2004 with funds from pre-tax dividends and incurred interest from its own business. The company quickly became a popular trading brand of Building Company Limited with its tagline ‘building to a better society’. It now operates from its own premises in Chatham, Kent, the UK’s most liveable city.

The company is primarily focused on building extensions and related refurbishment work. It has recently diversified into residential property with luxury apartments and townhouses in London. It currently has three townhouses and a selection of studios, one and a half baths and one level flat to offer on sale. The company is keen to expand its range of property, but has traditionally had difficulty breaking into the larger commercial property sector in London. This may well change with the investment in its townhouses and its attachment to the rapidly growing residential market in London.

The buildings comprise mainly flats but there is a significant number of studio and bungalow units and one or two storeys’ worth of private housing. It is envisaged that the total number of Wilkes’ Bays will double in coming years with a further twelve stores proposed for the Central Business District (CBD) area of central London. A feasibility study report prepared for the London Borough of Camden in South London states that up to a million new residents could be attracted to the district through 20th century retail extensions. The Wilkes’ Bays scheme is expected to generate more jobs than the building of any of the surrounding retail parks. A spokesman for the London Borough of Camden said that up to six new shops could open on each corner of the neighbourhood, supporting an additional 150 jobs.

Wilkes’ Bays is not the only part of London undergoing regeneration projects at the moment. There are currently large scale refurbishments taking place across the city at places like Dockyards and Old Compton Street. These are particularly important from the viewpoint of London home buyers who have seen the prices of homes here rocket over the last year. Another part of London experiencing regeneration are the London Capping which is taking place in the City’s west end. Major refurbishment deals include the conversion of an entire block of flats to flats with retail outlets and a new retail park. The refurbishments are planned to generate more than two hundred thousand jobs during the next decade.

There is also much talk of regeneration elsewhere in London and the South East. Up to half of Bayswater, Camden Town and Whickham come under the Greater London Authority’s Strategic Development Partnership (SDP). Work including regeneration in Whickham, Newbridge and Reigate will generate a further thirty-eight thousand new jobs across the Thames Valley. Companies throughout london are looking to the south eastern direction for inspiration as regards london flats for lease and loft conversions.

In Wilmslow – Cheshire a massive regeneration project is planned which will see a further twenty-eight thousand new apartments built. Companies throughout london are keen to take advantage of this growing demand and are offering competitive rates for trendy loft conversions. Companies such as Urban Concepts, Invicta and Capstar are all bidding hard for any contracts that get them underway. Companies involved in the design services sector have also had to increase their hiring in recent months as the demand for bespoke designs has increased.

Constructions companies are also bidding on other London property projects such as the London Vista, a luxury apartment block. This luxury apartment block is being developed by a British company who is developing it using state of the art technology. London property developers are not just bidding on london property auctions but are also bidding on contracts to convert former warehouses and factories into profitable housing developments. This is because there is an ever increasing population of Londoners looking to rent a place to live. This is creating a great opportunity for companies to grow their business and create a dream home for their employees. Whether you are a homeowner with a large family or a couple looking to downsize to the UK, you’ll find a perfect fit for your needs at a fantastic property development in London.

Companies are constantly seeking new partners throughout London for their conversion projects. Most construction companies are keen to work with a reputable and reliable company that is located close to their facilities so they can quickly and easily access the site whenever necessary. Look for a company that is located in one of the more fashionable areas of central London or one that has an office close to the transport links, shops and the Big Ben. Look for a company that offers competitive rates and flexible leasing terms. Whether you are transforming a disused industrial building or turning a disused warehouse into a trendy loft, a construction company in London with a vision will bring you nothing but success!