Construction manager – who is he and what does he do?

The meeting with the site engineer is behind you and you have already agreed on all the important issues – you can start building! But you are not alone in this. In addition to the engineer, there is another person you will meet on your construction journey – the construction manager. Who is he, what is his job and what influence does he have on the whole process of building a house?
Is he necessary?

The answer is yes – you need one to start building a detached house with a building permit. Without a manager you cannot start any works that require entry in the construction log. He is the one who is responsible for reporting the start of works to the relevant office. You hand over the building site to the building supervisor for the duration of the entire building project. You will recognise the construction manager by his white helmet 🙂 – what is a construction manager?
Who is the site manager and what is his task?

First of all, he is responsible for the correct course of the construction in accordance with all building regulations. As such, he is also responsible for compliance with occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations. All construction teams that will appear on the project site must also comply with health and safety regulations. This is very important so that no dangerous accidents occur on the construction site.

The exact regulations and duties of each manager are strictly specified by the Act of 7 July 1994 – Construction Law. According to the provisions of the Act, the basic duties of the manager include:

detailed maintenance of the construction log, in which all the works performed on the construction site are noted,
securing the construction site,
organising the entire course of the construction and managing the construction so that it runs smoothly and without complications, in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Construction Law and in accordance with the construction design, realisation of the provisions of the construction log.

XMX London construction manager

When you decide to build a house with our company, you get a free-of-charge manager’s care as part of the agreement signed. Moreover, the manager of “XMX Construction” makes sure that all stages of the works are carried out smoothly and without any delays. In addition, he will carry out the acceptance of individual stages and record everything in the construction log.

If there are any doubts on your part, you can either contact the site engineer or the manager directly. He will provide you with the necessary information, suggest the best solutions and answer all your questions. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to the manager as soon as you have questions. Consult with him about any changes.

It is worth noting that the manager is responsible with his/her authority if an undesirable situation occurs during the construction or if a mistake is made due to his/her negligence. His duty is, above all, to act in accordance with the letter of the construction law. If he does not fulfil his duties properly, he may incur criminal liability. To sum up, it is in every manager’s interest to ensure that your project is carried out correctly, safely and efficiently and that it is a success.

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